Our skills of matching materials and techniques with function and performance, has meant that we are consulted by Designers and Engineers at an increasingly early stage of a project, often even before the shape of a vehicle is designed. Working from tape drawings, clays, interior bucks, marker visuals or dimensioned drawings, KJR are able to predict ideas and support customers through the development programme into production.

Our vast knowledge of production techniques and the performance of materials, means that KJR can advise on the budgetary impact of design, ergonomic and aesthetic issues.

Our Skills

  • Continuous input into development programmes
  • New material testing, feasibility and recommendations
  • New manufacturing methods and processes
  • Work closely with Designers and Engineers
  • Vast knowledge of leathers and other materials
  • Work from visuals, models or drawings
  • On-site facilities
  • Confidential service
  • Problem solving

Our Partners